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Image credit: Alexandru Tudorache
Author: Ant Stanley
Publish Date: Tue Feb 18 2020

Introducing Senzo

The word isenzo in the Zulu language means act. With the launch of Senzo, myself and my co-founder, Hanna Cevik, are encouraging you to act and improve yourself.

What is Senzo? We see Senzo as a platform to enable leading experts in their field to bring their knowledge to a wider audience through classroom based training. We will enable anyone to teach a course in any region we operate. The instructor focuses on the content, we do everything else. From sourcing the venue, handle ticketing, insurance, local taxes, student communications, all the way through to handle all the promotion.

Why classroom based training? We believe that classroom based training, with the right instructor, is still the best way to learn. Fast feedback loops, where you can ask an instructor a question immediately. The opportunity to drill down into a particular topic with a knowledgeable instructor. Time boxed, focused learning, not an online course that you take months to finish because you're snatching an hour here or there. Build a community of peers in person you can learn from.

We see classroom based training as the most effective way to learn, if done right. The caveat of course, is that it needs to be done right. A number of providers of classroom based training today rely on centrally produced content, delivered by instructors of varying quality. This leads to experiences where you find yourself in a three day course with a drone reading slides as fast as possible, and a standard answer of "I'll have to get back to you on that" when you ask a question.

By working with experts in their field, who own their content, and have passion for their chosen area, we aim to provide an engaging experience that leaves your inspired.

What platforms like Udemy, Plursalsight, etc have done for online training, we aim to do for classroom based training. Our initial focus will be bringing experts to the UK, as we refine the platform, with the longer term aim of expanding Senzo's reach globally.

If you're interested in becoming an instructor with us, drop us an email at hello@senzo.io, and check out our classes page for the latest courses.