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Image credit: Alexandru Dinca
Author: Hanna Cevik & Ant Stanley
Publish Date: Mon Apr 20 2020

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Senzo is launching Homeschool.

We started this business on the belief that there is huge value in learning face to face, with others in the room to augment and expand your understanding. We hope Senzo Homeschool will take the best of those possibilities in a time when the physical classroom is not viable.

Homeschool combines some of the best collaboration tools on the market with access to excellent teaching in subject areas that drive your empowerment and learning.

Rather than sitting in a physical room for a few days, or hours in a Zoom call, Homeschool works in weekly sprints. At the beginning of each week, lectures, exercises and course materials for the week are released. Over the next couple of days, you work on the exercises set in the lesson, collaborating with your class mates in chat. Any questions can be submitted to the instructor as well as crowd-sourcing answers from each other.

At the end of each week, you'll be invited to a live Q&A from the instructor, with course material and examples of what you're learning shared over chat and email. You'll work through a lesson together, asking questions, going over sections that people need clarification on and sharing your knowledge. At the end of the week, the correctly completed exercises will be shared, and you can submit yours to the class and instructor for review.

By signing up for Senzo Homeschool, you'll get access to all the services you need to take part - video links, course materials, chat platform and git repos. After the course ends, you can stay in touch with your classmates on chat, building a community of people who learn from each other.

Homeschool Learning Spectrum

In the spectrum of how we learn from self-paced study through to heavily structured, multi-year, on campus learning, we hope Homeschool has the right balance. We aim to provide feedback and flexibility that allows you learn fast whilst also being supported, in these interesting times we're living in.

Our first course we're launching with Homeschool is Yan Cui's Production Ready Serverless, which takes his 2 day, classroom based course, and makes it a 4 week Homeschool course starting on Monday 4 May. We will be releasing more courses soon, so keep in touch to hear more!

Hanna & Ant